The Woman Den Part I

D has a shop attached to our garage. He calls it a man cave. It houses the powered and unpowered tools, gun cabinet, paint, a beer cooler, a tacky assortment of antlers, and so on. We knew when we bought the house that this air conditioned, heated, well-lit room would be his. I had no purpose for it. Immediate agreement, no discussion necessary.

As we were moving in, D started eyeballing the out-building. It has a porch attached, but no A/C or heating and the electricity is wonky. Part of the floor is rotted. One wall is consumed by a garage door that cannot open. Before he could say anything I cut off his thought bubble. That pathetic little building is my woman den. (Men have caves. Women have dens. I decided. You’re welcome.)

Until now the woman den has had nearly no money invested into it. D fixed up the porch so we could use it for parties. He also fixed the electricity so it is 90% predictable. The interior is a nightmare. Part of chair rail here, an unfinished portion of drywall there, a cracked window, lots of critters, you get the idea. But this is my woman den. It houses some storage, my weights, treadmill, and a TV with a DVD player. Once again, I trust you get the idea.

In order for our long-term use of the house to be successful, the woman den is going to have to rise to the occasion. We plan to spruce ‘er up, organize and de-clutter the storage section and make her a haven for both exercise and crafting.

My plan is simple. Start with the outside projects. Once the exterior is sparkling, we will move to the inside. This could take months.

Case in point: last week I started scraping the old paint off the door frames and found one piece of moulding had rotted. I pried it off (with D’s supervision-I have never done anything like this in my life), hauled it to the hardware store and purchased a new piece of PVC moulding that will not rot. (That part I did by myself. Mom would be proud.) Several days later I was able to finish scraping and priming the door frames and put up the new piece of moulding.

Finally, today, a week after starting to scrape the door frames, was to be the day to paint the doors and frames and finish the first “phase”. It rained.





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