Medicine Cabinet Paranoia

An online friend suggested attacking the bathroom cabinets this week. That sounded sooo easy. I thought I could do that with my eyes closed and one hand behind my back. D and I are pretty healthy, so it is pretty rare for us to buy medicines. I don’t wear make-up or put any stuff in my hair (at least not on a daily basis–those things are reserved for special events). How difficult could this be?

How much stuff can be crammed into such a tiny space?

25 items purged later and I am starting to think maybe the clutter is worse than I thought. TWO empty make-up bags I hadn’t seen since we moved into the house, a nail brush still in it’s packaging, 4 toothbrush heads still in their packaging (I don’t have an electric toothbrush), hair products not touched in over a year, a nasty old plastic massager, and peroxide that had long ago turned into water are just some of the items found and purged.

Underneath all the stuff was a dried patch of cough medicine that took some scrubbing. So much for being able to do this with one hand behind my back. Oh, the old cough medicine was nasty. It smelled like sickness. Maybe I just felt sick because the medicine had toppled over and made a mess I couldn’t even see.

Finding the innocent bathroom cabinets in this state has caused paranoia to set in. How much more space in my shrinking home is being held hostage with garbage? Of course my home is not shrinking, but is buried with unseen trash. (That may be the paranoia talking.)

The sad thing is that I actually went shopping for a new make-up bag that was never used. Two, in fact. I paid good money for cough syrup when I already had two bottles of it at home (now all expired).

Some items are difficult to part with. My mom gave me a decorative tin when I rented my first apartment that I still like. I used it for band-aid storage (seriously). It has sat in the cabinet since we moved into the house because it doesn’t go with my decor. Donating the tin does not mean I don’t love my mother, but I have to keep reminding myself of that.

Then there were the items that I probably could purge, but decided to keep. I kept some make-up, one bottle of hairspray, and one of mousse. Though I rarely use these things, I figure it is cheaper to have them on hand than to run out and buy them the morning of a cousin’s wedding.

The bathrooms are ready to astonish snoopers. Now, what’s next?


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