Feeling Refreshed

Things are rapidly changing as a result of simply identifying my priorities. Before starting this journey to maximize life experiences, I went about my free time in a bit of a frenzy. D works every third weekend, and without him around I tended to fill up my time with any ol’ distraction. Shopping, eating out, and going to the salon were high on my to-do list. Now that I am putting conscious effort into minimizing stuff, fixing up the woman den, and spending more time with family, everything else is falling into place.

As an example, this morning I checked the credit card balance. We have always been able to pay it off each month, but this month I found the balance to be only 60% of what I had come to accept as normal. In my first month of really trying to minimize the expenses have almost been cut in half.

Another victory was claimed when I went to the hardware store this weekend (while D was working, which is unprecedented behavior) to buy razor blade refills so I could scrape paint off the French door windows on the woman den. One item on my shopping list. One item purchased. No cold drink swiped at the counter. This all sounds very simple to you, but it is a big deal to me. It is a big deal to change how you are programmed.

Also this weekend, in the name of de-cluttering, Rie and I took a box of blankets, pillows, tennis balls, stainless steel bowls and other things to an animal shelter (we apparently had a lot of extra pet stuff!). I told a volunteer that my baby had never seen a cat. She brought one out for Rie to touch. Her little face lit up with wonder when she heard the kitten purring. It was so sweet. A free moment like this is a hundred times better than walking out of a boutique with a new purchase.

A dip in the pool with a cousin. How delightful!

In one weekend, I de-cluttered, gave to charity, gave my daughter a new experience, worked on a home project, met with extended family (three times!)…and feel perfectly refreshed. It is a good feeling. Everything is falling into place beautifully.

*Looking for a small place to start? An online friend suggested cleaning out the junk drawer this week. Here’s mine:

Yikes! How did this happen?!

Ahhh, that’s better.


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