Reaping the Benefits

A week ago I cancelled our Internet-TV subscription. Every moment of our day has been impacted by minimizing this sort of clutter that takes up so much time, rather than space. We have more conversations, play more often with Rie and spend more time on hobbies or projects. In the last week I started a fantastic book that has been sitting on my shelf for two years. I have finished a knitted afghan, and embroidered Rie’s monogram on a cloth diaper (it’s what I do). 

Also, D no longer poses the question at dinner, “Shall we watch a show or do you want to eat at the table?” I’ve always wanted to eat at the table, but somehow we would frequently end up in front of the computer. That is not the sort of behavior I want Rie to imitate. Instead, we have had dinner as a family every night since we no longer have access to the shows we were watching. We have been rewarded with adorable scenes like this one:


Last night, D and I were not able to eat until nearly 9 o’clock, due to his coming home late and Rie’s bath and bedtime routine. We sat at our patio table and enjoyed the garden, clear weather, and each other’s company. It was the best dinner we have had in a long time; it felt like a date. I might not have remembered the details of a reality show the next day, but I will remember spending time with my husband on a beautiful summer night. It seems that it is one thing to be blessed, but it is another to realize you are blessed.


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