Wrestling with Temptation

This past Sunday Rie and I headed to my sister-in-law’s house to visit Rie’s cousin, and so my sister-in-law and I could practice yoga. She has a new workout DVD and I am a sucker for new fitness routines.

The yoga workout was stellar. Certainly among the best yoga workouts I have ever had. (After we were done I joked that I needed a cigarette—yes, it really was that good.) Naturally, I found myself wanting the DVD, and not in a small way. On the way home that afternoon I was tempted to stop at the large general store “just to see” how much the program cost. Surely I had enough money in my wallet to pay for it. There would be no harm to the family financially, because I would use my own cash.

This was the first time since I started purging unneeded items that I wanted something and the internal wrestling match was intense. In my mind a fantasy played out of waking early every day of the work week to practice yoga. If I had this DVD, then I might practice more often. It would be so peaceful and perfect, right?

Upon reflection, I realized that I have three yoga DVDs that are not used on a regular basis. Ok, so one of them is maternity yoga, but that still leaves two others that are not being used. How would I approach this issue if it were Rie asking for something, say a new coloring book, when she doesn’t use the one she has? Most parents would say, “If you finish your other coloring book, then you may have a new one.” Sorry, that is a terrible analogy for a six-month-old. Work with me here.

Anyway, I decided to take that same approach with myself. The deal I came up with is “if I practice yoga three times a week for three weeks, then I may consider buying this new DVD”. You know what? It is Wednesday, and I haven’t practiced yoga once this week. I guess we can see where this is going. I am so glad I controlled my impulse and saved the money.


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