The Woman Den Part II

The last weekend of July was bea-u-ti-ful. Here in Kansas we had highs in the seventies, no humidity, and just the perfect amount of breeze. Somebody with clout had their prayers answered this weekend.

I began on Saturday by finishing the doorframes started several weeks ago, before all the glorious rain put a temporary halt on the project. Painting the doorframes and fascia board for the north side was a cinch. Of course, this is all thanks to the help of my fantastic in-laws, who came over to entertain Rie. (D decided to go shooting with friends, which I fully endorse. A husband who pursues his hobbies is much more willing to lend me a hand later on.)

Sunday morning was chilly. We put on jackets and walked to church. On the way home Rie fell asleep. In an effort to prolong her nap D and I ambled among the neighborhood, admiring houses and gardens. We stopped at home to pick up our loyal hound, Maile, and continued our walk to a local lake where we could birdwatch and talk each others’ ears off. I love having time to spend with my husband to do the things we dreamed about doing when we first married.

Once home D went to work putting up the new fascia board while I worked on the east window. The old moulding was so rotted that I was able to pull most of it off with my hand.


D came over to watch, with Rie in his arms, when I started trying to pry nails out of the metal siding. It happened in slow motion. I yanked a nail out with the wrecking bar and immediately swung my arm forward to break a pane of glass. My first broken window. Ever. I was kind of shocked, I think. This fact was surprising to D who has broken many windows throughout many adventures. He stood there, holding Rie, chuckling and teasing mercilessly.

D was in charge of measuring and cutting the new moulding, which is vinyl that will never need to be painted. By the time he had it all up we realized there was about an inch and a half gap on the upper left corner. According to D, a lot of caulk is all the spot needs in order to keep water out. Because the window is on the side of the shed no one sees (including neighbors), we decided to call it good enough:


Next we will paint the north window. And use about a tube of caulk on the east window. And replace a pane of glass. This home repair thing is turning out to be a lot fun—who knew?


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