Master Bedroom

Here is one area of my home that has pretty much always been uncluttered. So the bed is not made every single day and sometimes the hamper is full of laundry (but never overflowing since I pared down the clothing), but this is pretty much how it looks on a daily basis. To me the bedroom feels light and airy. No matter how much chaos may be waiting in the garage or hobby room, this room is generally in order.

Entry is on the east wall. Opposite the entry is where I hang my scarves and Maile hangs her hat:


On the north wall you can see the closet, which is only half-full nowadays.

north wall

The west wall is bare, except for the mirror and window. My dresser backs up on the south wall:


There is another window on the south wall. Finally, there are three pieces of furniture on the east wall. My nightstand, the bed, and D’s nightstand (which he made):

my nightstand

bedDarrell's nightstand

I am not crazy about the artwork. It was all given to us, gold colored frames and all. The nightstand lamps were also a gift. One day we’ll do something that represents our personality as a couple, but for now this works. Overall, it is still my favorite room in the house.


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