Shining a Light on the Shadow

During my journey to reduce my possessions I have come across all sorts of shadows of my past. Violin rosin, a marble egg (long story), a dagger (don’t ask), and other symbols of my youth. Most of this stuff has been easy to let go. But there is one box in my closet I cannot bear to take to Goodwill or post on Craig’s List. It holds my dance clothes, ballet flats, and ballroom shoes.

I used to be a dancer. This statement is difficult to come to terms with. I love dancing. I might have been a rotten violinist, or a passionless martial artist, but I still love to dance. It was cost-prohibitive when I was growing up to take lessons. After marrying D, one of the first things I did was sign up for a ballet course at the university. I also found a dance sport club and went to meetings twice a week. It was the time of my life. My partner and I won a waltzing competition and I still have the plaque. In fact, I still have the desire.

Maybe this is why I have been minimizing. Reducing expenses and clearing out the clutter has made me realize what is easy to throw away and where my passion lies. I found a barre class and hope to post all about it soon.

I’m thankful for this minimalist journey. Without it I would have continued to waste time watching reality television shows and left my ballet flats sitting in the closet. Life is so much more vibrant now.


5 thoughts on “Shining a Light on the Shadow

  1. Rose

    Wow, it’s great that you are planning on doing something you love again after finding those items! Dancing is wonderful (I used to dance, a very long time ago!), and such a worthwhile pursuit. And yes, it’s way better than reality TV 😉

  2. Ginny Love Moore

    I get this. I SO get this. On my own journey toward minimalism, I have these moments. As I lighten my load, I’m finding old dreams too. It’s nice to know that others are having the same experiences. I wish you much joy in your journey. Cheers!

  3. Ginny Love Moore

    Writing poetry. Writing about travel/practical fashion. Belly dance.

    What’s crazy to me is that I had just finished writing a draft of a post about reviving an old dream (the one about writing about fashion) when I received the notification of your comment. What a timely question. I considered it confirmation that I was on the right track. So I posted it today… 🙂


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