Open Road

D worked last weekend. He has been doing that a lot lately, but that is not a complaint. It is just how things have worked out. Anyway, Rie and I were left to our own devices. We received a lot of rain last week, so working on the Woman Den window was a non-option.

We spent Saturday morning playing and doing all two loads of laundry that needed to be done. After cleaning up lunch there were no chores left to do. Thanks to minimizing, the house was already tidy. Sure, we could find a closet to purge, but that could wait for another day.

What to do? We loaded up into the car and took a 20 mile drive to one of my favorite agritourism stops. It is a cider mill that operates in the fall, but also has a fun country store. We found apple butter, fresh local peaches, and still-warm cider donuts. Rie had a bite of a cider donut, which seemed to make her day. No, I take that back. It was watching motorcycles fire up to leave the parking lot that made her day. I need to keep an eye on that girl.

On our way back to the state highway we spotted a winery. I’m prepared to be judged for taking my daughter to a winery because that is exactly what happened. It was more than having a taste and buying a bottle. We walked along the property, taking in the scenery. Rie examined pine needles and pine cones still attached to a windbreak line of evergreens. We found a bubbling fountain encased in local stone. The fountain enchanted Rie. Watching her discover something new was certainly my favorite treat.

I spent little money, and what I did spend went to local businesses. We took in some sunshine. We relaxed and made memories. It was what a Saturday afternoon should be.


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