Want more space? Sell your furniture.

About four or five years ago, long before I started looking into minimalism, I spent the best holiday of the year (Labor Day, for those of you who are wondering), in a humongous furniture store. D wanted a matching sofa and loveseat in brown leather, preferably the kind that reclines and is made well so it will last forever. Oh, and at a super bargain.

Five hours later (that is not an exaggeration), after drooling over the set made for lazy boys, and debating on if the set actually had to match, versus having one leather sofa and a coordinating microfiber one, and turning model sofas upside-down in order to inspect their mechanical abilities (that actually happened), D picked out a set. I was too worn out to argue. We bought it. I wish I could go back in time and use my holiday for something more fun. Live and learn.

The sofa set is freaking huge. As you know by now, we do not have a freaking huge house. After adding Rie to the family, our house only felt smaller. Secretly I have wanted to sell or donate one of the couches in order to create more space. Images of Rie running through our living room, unencumbered by furniture, danced in my head.

On his own, after watching Rie play in the cramped living room, D suggested we sell the loveseat. Who says men aren’t mind readers? 🙂 We mentioned our plan at Rie’s first birthday party, and it just so happened that the family sitting on our very comfortable and huge furniture wanted to buy it.


The loveseat faced the carpeted area and would have stood with its back to the camera. With it gone, our house feels lighter than ever.

Also, it just so happens, that my father wanted to give Rie a family rocking chair for Christmas. It is a petite thing that will go nicely in her bedroom one day, but for now it sits by the window. The chairs and coffee table move around easily when needed – we couldn’t ask for a more versatile and spacious living room.


We now have an open passageway from the front door into our living area. Visitors say they feel more welcomed upon entering.

By the way, I know we have a lot of toys out for Rie. I blame the parents. In my defense, most of them were gifts, but I also really enjoy having her toys out. Some parents hate the idea of their living rooms looking like daycare centers, and buy special baskets or ottomans to hide the kids’ toys, but not me. Having a kid is so stinking fun and I love seeing the toys in our home. After all, in our case, we wanted more space in order to provide a more comfortable home for our daughter. Mission accomplished. And we didn’t even have to move.


6 thoughts on “Want more space? Sell your furniture.

  1. smallthingsgood

    Your living room looks great! I am definitely a big fan of having only necessary furniture- open space is fantastic when you live in a small space (I live in 475 sq. feet- so I know)!

  2. tofukate Post author

    Thanks, smallthings! When D and I first married we lived in a less than 500 square foot apartment as well, so I know what you mean. It’s funny how living in a larger place makes you think you should have more stuff…so not true.

  3. smallthingsgood

    I’m just curious, was it difficult to find a small house? I look at real estate as kind of a hobby (and because we’ll probably buy something in the next 3-4 years), and I notice that it’s almost difficult to find smaller homes in certain areas, especially areas where homes are newer.

    1. tofukate Post author

      It just so happens that we share a hobby – I love houses – and my mom is a real estate agent. 🙂 It depends on the area. In my area, older homes (built in the 1950s or earlier) are smaller, so we could narrow our search by price range or year built. At the time we bought this house, we were not looking for something small, just something affordable. Come to find out, we don’t need a larger (more expensive) home anyway – few families do!

  4. Hardik Nagar

    Great post.

    I really feel due to societal perceptions or some other reasons, we all have this tendency to believe that a more filled and cluttered house is better.

    I never understood how. But your living rooms looks great. I am a big fan of open spaces. It makes more space not only physically but also mentally.

    Great job 🙂

    Would love a feedback from a fellow minimalist on my blog about Minimalism and simplicity 🙂

    Keep in touch. Cheers! 😀


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