Our Dining Nook

You may have noticed the half-wall behind my couch (which Rie loves to climb so she can reach anything on said half-wall – another great inspiration to stay on top of clutter). On the other side of that wall is our dining nook.

We have always enjoyed eating together as a family, and now that Rie is here, it is more important than ever. We cancelled our Hulu subscription some months ago, and so it is a rare meal at home that is not spent around the table. My hope is that Rie will look back on her childhood fondly, in part because she has time every day with her parents’ undivided attention.


Homemade curtains and a table runner keep the otherwise bare room feeling personal. The white wall under the chair rail seems to create space and light.

The table is the one D’s parents used when he was growing up. His dad purchased it at a garage sale back in the ’70s. It isn’t special – just free of charge. One of the table leaves of this drop-leaf is always up. We can easily pull the table away from the window and lift the other leaf, which would then accommodate eight people.

The mission-style chairs were discovered at a tent sale for $20 a piece. Not bad for brand-new, sturdy chairs!


I like to use a tray for my sugar bowl and salt and pepper shakers. That way, when it is game night, a quick movement clears everything off.

My father-in-law made the stained glass piece. The fish print is a souvenir from when we lived in the Pacific. D made the frame from a wood called monkey pod. He also turned the napkin rings. Each one is different, so we can use the same napkins through several meals and know which one goes with which diner. Even an aspiring minimalist can have some sentimental pieces. 🙂


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