Untreasured Treasures

Sometimes it is difficult for me to donate or sell something that holds a special memory.

One such treasure is my wedding dress. Actually, it was marketed as an evening gown. It was perfect for my big day and I love it. Well, I love memories of my wedding day. I love being married to D. The dress itself was hanging in our guest room closet, and remained there even after it became Rie’s closet. Not exactly treasured, you might say. This poor dress hung on a plastic hanger, shoved somewhere out of the way of the items used on a regular basis. In fact, Rie’s baby swing was leaning against the dress, and I’m afraid it damaged some of the beading.

Before Christmas I called someone who teaches theatre, and asked them if they wanted my wedding dress and some other odds and ends for their costume collection. Their response was an enthusiastic yes!, but I have yet to send the box of goods to them. Even knowing my beloved wedding dress will be in a better home, I have a difficult time sending it on its way.

Today is the day. All of the items have moved from the house to my car. Next they will take a trip to the post office, and be on their merry way to a new home. As I placed my wedding dress in the backseat, I reminded myself a couple times, “I have 250 wedding photos.” Honestly, it was a difficult thing to do.

12 August 2006

I do, and I’d do it again!

After loading up the car, I went back to the closets in question and examined them. Empty space opens up where unused items used to crowd. I can see everything in my closet – all 40 or so items – and it feels good. Rie’s closet still needs some work, but the extra space available is inspiring. It makes me wonder, “What’s next?”


2 thoughts on “Untreasured Treasures

  1. smallthingsgood

    Well done getting rid of the dress! Also really cute wedding picture- I’m so tired of these weird wedding photos that look like pseudo ads for a fragrance or something. You both look so natural, also a bit deliriously happy- as you should be!


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