Work has been incredibly stressful lately. I will not go into the details, but I have a feeling you know exactly what I mean.

This morning D called me at the office and asked how my day was going. You know you’re married to the right person when you tell them exactly how your day is going, complete with colorful description, and that wonderful person responds with love.

D suggested he come pick me up later in the afternoon for a break. No baby, just us.

When D came by we chatted for a moment about what we were going to do during our break. In the old days, before minimalism sparked creativity about how/when we consume, we would have gone to some shopping destination. Maybe go look at tents or kitchen gadgets. Today we decided to do a different kind of consume.

We went for pedicures.

D practically fell asleep in the massage chair. I read article after article in a magazine that had nothing to do with my job. Bliss. Pure bliss.

If you haven’t taken time to sit and do nothing lately, with or without a loved one, now is probably a good time to rediscover what happens when you do.


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