Rie’s Room

D made the crib.

D used his mad skills to design and make the crib.

Rie kind of has the run of the whole house. She keeps some toys in the living room (affectionately known as “play station 1”) and some in her room (“play station 2”, naturally). Nothing really has a set place, I only ask that it appear tidy/or have the ability to look tidy in less than a minute. The inspiration to keep Rie’s room clear of clutter comes from having read the book Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne.

Rie's toy shelf

The books are not always lined up so neatly – but generally this is how play station two appears. The goal here is that you can see all of the toys, and they are all within Rie’s reach. I recently found out there is a name for this type of organization – Montessori. Of course, there has to be a name for everything!

Rie’s dresser is nice and large. It holds bedding, clothes, first aid stuff, bath stuff, and what-have-you, but it is actually mostly empty.

The bottom left-hand drawer is where we dump all of the toys that do not fit onto the shelves. At first Rie always wanted to play in this drawer, but now she basically sticks to what is out in plain sight.

bottom left-hand drawer

Mostly stuffed animals, but there are some pleasant surprises in there.

The top right-hand drawer holds all of Rie’s week-day clothes that currently fit and are appropriate for the season. Her winter “uniform” is a short-sleeved bodysuit under a long-sleeved shirt, and jeans or sweat pants. We have enough for about seven different outfits, plus seven sets of PJ’s. Rie can wear some things twice before they have to go into the laundry, so this is more than enough for a week.

Enough clothes for 6 days: long and short sleeved shirts, pants, sleepwear, and hair bows.

In the closet you’ll find clothes in the next size up, jackets, and some dressier things for Sunday. Honestly, Rie doesn’t even wear a dress every Sunday, due to the cold and her inability to preserve her modesty. On the shelf are the books more appropriate for an older child, and baby gear we are storing for the possibility of a second child.

Clothes in the next size up, along with books more appropriate for an older child. The bottles in the box and bottle-steamer are being stored for the possibility of another child.

Rie really does have a nice closet, with shelves on the side. I use those shelves to store shoes in the bigger sizes (hand-me-downs), extra blankets, baby shampoo that was gifted when I was pregnant, and some other odds and ends.

Excess baby gifts: soaps, shoes, blankets, and toys.When you have a young kiddo who is growing so quickly and also hoping to add another kiddo, the baby stuff can be difficult to keep to a minimum. Fortunately I was able to loan out some baby gear to friends, so we are not storing a ton of stuff. We still have some work to do in terms of only keeping toys Rie actually uses and not over-buying clothes (I blame the grandmothers), but I think we’re moving along nicely.


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