Results of Unplugging

Hello again.

This past weekend, starting on Friday, I unplugged. It was fantastic.

On Saturday morning Rie and I hosted a playdate for several friends, 10 friends altogether. It was kind of nuts. Anyway, before folks arrived I cleaned my home from top to bottom in about an hour (that includes time for Rie to play the “how well can Mommy mop with 24 pounds of cuteness attached to her shins?” game). I love how easy/fast it is to clean now.

Saturday evening Rie went to her grandparents’ house for a sleepover while D and I attended a wedding reception. Great times had by all!

On Sunday morning I had the house to myself, as D had gone to work. I finished a book and drank some coffee. No one urgently needed me. No one on social media annoyed me with their politically slanted posts. Nothing could touch me in my happy little bubble.

Sunday evening the unplugging joy continued. I put together Rie’s car. (Her grandmother had given it to her for Christmas, otherwise she would not have one.) We had a lovely time playing with the car outside. Rie managed to cover herself with mud. Seeing a kid playing outside, covered in mud, and having the time of her life is about the best way to pass a Sunday afternoon.

A blissfully happy weekend of unplugging begs the question, “Why do we not do this more often?” Furthermore, what is it about our technology that makes us feel it is a necessity?


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