Laundry Room

I don’t have a laundry room, but a corner of the garage dedicated to my favorite household chore. Is it strange to enjoy doing laundry? Perhaps. I hear of lots of other people complaining about it. I would rather think of it as a unique qualification for mothering this adorable creature:

Eating Dirt

Yes, she is eating dirt.

Anyway, I digress. Of all the areas cleaned up and minimized during my journey, this one has been the easiest. I think I spent 20 minutes on it.


Laundry Room Before

See the soap canister on the floor to the left?

Laundry Shelf Before

Since Rie was born the liquid fabric softener and stain remover have not been used.

I set aside a couple items to take to friends who may use them, wiped off the shelf in the cabinet and the surface of the machines, and picked frequently used items up off the floor.


Laundry Room After

All clean! Just going to wash the area rugs and lay them in front.

Laundry Shelf After

There’s a place for my soap canister on the shelf!

Thanks for reading!


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