Kitchen Touch-Up

Since before I married I have wanted a double oven. I’m originally from the southern part of the U.S., and we sure do love our baked casseroles with fresh-baked cornbread or biscuits to go with them. Those things cook at two different temperatures, so, culturally speaking, you might even say I need a double oven. 🙂

Ever so gently, the old oven has been retiring over these last few months. Yesterday was the day. D and I drove up to the scratch and dent center and found a double oven with my name on it within our price range. (Ha! Price ‘range’ – aren’t I punny?)

Double Oven

You may be pleased to note the vast reduction in spices on the shelf.

Naturally, this means losing the storage space under the old oven. The area was not crammed-full, but this was an opportunity to re-evaluate what was being stored in the kitchen. I pulled out the pots and skillets and realized just how much clutter was on the second shelf of the northeast cabinet. Sigh. It is always something. North cabinet

Tarnished silver

An untreasured treasure was found lurking behind the pots and skillets.

The westerly cabinet was doing better. Still, there was not a lot of room for the cookie sheets and muffin pan coming in. I committed a blog sin and forgot to take a ‘before picture’. Truly, it was not bad. Forgive me?

A quick evaluation of the items sitting out helped me to identify the excess. The easiest way to do this is by grouping like-items together. Ask yourself how many of each item you use at a time and reduce accordingly.

Technically speaking, all of the kitchen things will fit in my spacious cabinets. I may have a small house, but you gotta admit, those cabinets are huge. What I prefer, however, is to not waste time digging through stacks of crockery to find what I need. My goal is to be able to see everything inside the cabinet upon opening the doors.

I had gone through my kitchen last summer, so there was not much left that I would consider to be excessive of my “needs”. As you can see, most of the purge pile came from the recipe collection.

Kitchen Touch-Up purge pile

Erm, yeah. That would be a box of dog toys. It was behind the stack of cooking magazines…for a long time.


And now, for the big reveal!

Northeast Cabinet

Easy access to all cookware and mixing bowls. Oh, and Maile’s food.

West Cabinet After

The recipe books moved to the west cabinet. I like that everything is visible – no digging required!

Not pictured: I polished the teaset and put it on the bookcase in the living room. There was room for it, as Rie’s plastic teaset had recently moved. I know, I know – I wasn’t missing it, so it should be sold or donated, right? Well, I’m not ready yet. So, for now, I’m going to enjoy looking at my pretty silver teaset.

While we are at it, here is a comparison study with Rie’s kitchen. She inherited this collapsable number from a friend this past weekend (pre-colored!). Rie outshines her mother’s efforts in keeping the amount of stuff in her kitchen to a reasonable amount.

Rie's Kitchen

Show off.

Thanks for reading – and have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Touch-Up

  1. schardonnay

    Love it! My husband is jonesing for a flat top in the worst way. Great progress! I love the tea set. If you aren’t ready to let it go, displaying it is an awesome option.

    1. tofukate Post author

      Thank you Schardonnay! May I say, I’ve had a glasstop range for a while now, and I’m never going back. They are easier to clean and can multi-function as extra counter space if you need it. Your husband will not be disappointed.


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