A Dreaded Job – Done!

At some point during my journey I started throwing all pens, post-its, erasers, pencils, Sharpies and such into a shoebox. I was saving it for later…and later.

too many to use.

too many to use.

We don’t use red pens. They were the first to go. Then I randomly decided I didn’t want any pens with caps. Those went next. A bunch of the dry-erase markers can go to my office. As quickly as I could I pared down the stacks.



The blue bins were to separate the pens/pencils into kitchen and desk storage.  These are the only two places in the house where we ever go looking for pens, so that part was easy.  I held onto a ton of mechanical pencils for D, but I never use them.  Later on I’ll ask him how many he wants.

OK, this last part sounds silly, but I did hold back some pens and pencils to throw into the office supplies shoebox.  Mostly because I really don’t want to have to buy another Sharpie or pen if I can avoid it.  I know, silly, but there you go.  I suppose that box is my next dreaded job, but for now I’m pretty happy with myself.

One for the desk, one for the kitchen.

One for the desk, one for the kitchen.


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