Kate and D were married in 2006 when they were too young to know any better. Things haven’t changed much. They bought a house in 2010. This was familiar territory to D, but a brand-new concept to Kate, who had grown up in apartments. Suddenly there were empty rooms, closets, a yard, and a garage where they could put stuff. It did not take long to fill that house right up.

With the addition of Rie in 2013, Kate and D began to realize they had already outgrown their 3 bedroom home. During a search for a larger home in the area, they also realized they could not afford to move into a house that would accommodate all the stuff. That was when Kate and D decided it was time to make their life fit their (perfectly sized) house.

Here Kate chronicles their journey to weed out the stuff and learn a new way of living that prohibits stuff from piling up in the first place. Life should be lived, not weighed down with stuff.


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